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Practice Information


The Partners and The Practice

There are four partners (one whole time and three part time) at the practice.  One of the doctors work a regular shifts in Dingwall Primary Care Emergency Centre.

Consultations last for 15 minutes. We are computerised and use the Vision clinical software system. All notes are summarised electronically and all prescriptions generated on the computer. We are a paperlight practice.

Several of the partners carry out minor surgery.

Equipment includes a combined ECG and defibrillator, an automated defibrillator, 24hr blood pressure monitor, nebulisers, sonic aid, audiometer, cautery, spirometer, peak flow meters and a Sandpiper bag containing emergency equipment for use at road traffic accidents etc. Digital audiovisual equipment is available on-site for the recording, and subsequent analysis, of patient consultations.


Medical services out with the NHS

A fee will be charged for private medicals, filling out private insurance claims, for legal reports, for passports, firearms certificates etc. The charge is based on figures recommended by the British Medical Association cheques should be made payable to the Highland Health Board.


Video recording

On occasions, patients may be asked for consent to video record their consultation with the doctor. The recording will only be used by doctors for assessment and training purposes. Any intimate examination will take place off screen and the camera will be switched off at any time at the patientís request.



Patients are welcome to attend an appointment accompanied by a friend or relative.  On occasions you may prefer a formal chaperone to  be discreetly present during an examinations, i.e. a trained member of staff. If you think you would like to have a chaperone, wherever possible we would ask you to make this request at the time of booking your appointment [e.g. when coming for a smear test] so that arrangements can be made and your appointment is not delayed in any way. Where this is not possible we will try to provide a formal chaperone at the time of request but if this is not possible it may be necessary occasionally to reschedule your appointment. The Clinician may also request that a chaperone is present. Chaperone Policy

All formal chaperones used in the practice are fully trained in confidentiality issues.

If there are barriers to communication because of language or a problem with hearing, etc we will try to make arrangements for an interpreter or communicator to accompany the patient but please note we will need sufficient notice to make arrangements for these services to be provided. 



The confidentiality of your medical records is of great importance to us. Your medical information will not be released without your written consent. We are registered under the Data Protection Act.  Please click on this link for more information Data Protection Act 1998.  For more practice information please read the Patients' Charter .



We welcome your suggestions about how our practice could be improved and if you have a problem or complaint about what we do here we will take it seriously, discuss it fully and, if something has gone wrong attempt to put it right.

If you have any concerns about the service you have received from the doctors or any of the staff working in this practice, please let us know. We operate a complaints procedure as part of an NHS system for dealing with complaints. This system meets national criteria. Leaflets are available at the reception desk or download the form from here. Complaint Form

Though we endeavour to make sure that the information provided on this web site is reliable and accurate, Drumnadrochit Medical Practice cannot accept responsibility for any detriment caused by its use. Browsing this web site for medical information, although useful, is not a substitute for consulting with your doctor. Patients should not hesitate to contact us for advice regarding health matters that they are concerned about.