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Patient Information

The purpose of this site is to give patients and prospective patients help, guidance and information on the services provided by the practice. We hope that you will find it useful. 

If you feel there is something that should be added to this website or is inaccurate, please contact Helen Macdonald on 01456 450577 or email


      Seasonal Influenza Programme 2017 

Dates for Seasonal Immunisations Clinics are the 5th, 11th, 12th, 18th, 19th, 24th, 26th  October and the 2nd, 8th, 9th, 15th, 16th and 22nd November 2017.  At the moment we have only organised one clinic on the 1st November for Pre-school children, over the age of 2, for their influenza nasal spray.  Please telephone the surgery to make an appointment for your flu immunisation and if eligible your shingles and/or pneumococcal.

 The flu vaccine is available to everyone under the age of 65 who has a long term medical condition e.g. of the heart, lung, kidney, liver, spleen: neurological conditions including stroke & TIA: diabetes: with lowered immunity due to disease or treatment. If you are pregnant. If you are an unpaid carer for another person who cannot manage without your help. If you are morbidly obese (ie BMI over 40). Everyone over the age of 65 is eligible for this vaccine.  There is no longer an egg-free vaccine but now a low-egg content which is deemed suitable for vaccinating patients with an egg allergy unless an anaphylactic reaction has previously occurred. 

The Shingles immunisation programme is available to patients born between 02/09/1937 and 01/09/1941 or 02/09/1942 and 01/09/1947 but we will only order these vaccines if you request one.  If you would like to take up this offer please contact the surgery and place your order with the receptionist.  You only need this vaccine once to protect you from getting shingles.

The Pneumococcal immunisation is recommended for many of the same patients who get an annual flu vaccine. This usually is given once and will help protect you from pneumonia, septicaemia and meningitis which in some cases can lead to permanent brain damage or even death.  This vaccine is given once in a life time but depending on your underlying health condition this may be repeated. 



We are now in the new Drumnadrochit Health Centre premises.  Although the address has changed to Drumnadrochit Health Centre, Lewiston, Drumnadrochit IV63 6UL the telephone number remains the same (01456) 450577.   

Please note that there will be a slight change in procedure - We would ask our patients not to call for routine enquiries or to make an appointment after 5.30pm as the receptionist will be unavailable to answer the main telephone as they will be closing down the practice.  If you have a medical emergency and need to contact the surgery between 5.30pm to 6.00pm a recorded message will give you the emergency telephone number to call.  After 6.00pm the recorded message will advise you to call "Out of Hours" by telephoning 111.





Having successfully completed her Advanced Clinical Assessment Training, Kirsty Pawsey our Practice Nurse is now able to offer appointments for the Minor Ailments Clinic.  If you are suffering with sore ears, sore throat, coughs, colds or skin complaints please ask the receptionist for an appointment with her.  This may help you to get seen sooner.



TRIAGE SURGERY—Requests for same day appointments will be triaged by a GP if no other slots are available.  The doctor will call you back between 10.30-11.15am.  Please give telephone number(s) so you can be contacted during those times.  The GP will arrange an appointment and/or treatment for you if necessary.






All eligible women aged between 50 and 70 will be invited for breast screening every 3years.  

Women over the age of 70 will not be sent an invitation but are welcome to request screening if they wish by contacting the Breast Screening Centre, please telephone 01463 705416.  

Screening will be held at the Breast Screening Centre, Raigmore Hospital, Inverness, IV2 3UJ.











Everyone between the ages of 50 and 74 are sent a bowel screening kit every 2 years.  The older you get the higher the risk of developing bowel cancer.  It's more common in people over 50, especially men.  If you have lost your kit or thrown it away but would now like to take this very quick test please call the Helpline on 0800 0121833 and request another kit. 

THE BOWEL SCREENING PROGRAMME is a new campaign that aims to overcome the taboos around bowel cancer in a bid to increase survival rates from the disease in Scotland has been launched by the Scottish Government as part of its "Detect Cancer Early" programme.

For more information visit,

or watch YouTube - The Poo Song

Please feel free to discuss any aspect of this very worthwhile campaign with a doctor, it could save your life. 











We are closed for Public Holidays on 

                                                                                                                       Monday, 7th August 2017 (Summer)

                                                                                                                       Friday, 13th October 2017 (Autumn)

                                                                                                                        Monday, 25th December 2017 (Christmas)

                                                                                                                        Tuesday, 26th December 2017 (Christmas)

                                                                                                                        Monday, 1st January 2018 (New Year)

                                                                                                                        Tuesday, 2nd January 2018 (New Year)



Staff Training

We are closed from 1.00pm for NHS Highland Protected Learning Time (PLT)

Tuesday, 14th November 2017

Tuesday,13th February 2018

Wednesday, 21st March 2018


One afternoon per month all the practices in the East Highland area (including Drumnadrochit) are closed for staff training. This is to allow training time to update our skills in order that you, the patient, will benefit.

Don't worry! While training is taking place, NHS 24 (Tel 111) will deal with urgent cases. A restricted district nursing and midwifery service will also be in operation. If you urgently require these services, please telephone them as you would normally.



Repeat Prescription

Patients using this website to order their medication continues to grow.  Patients using the website to order their prescriptions comment that it's a very convenient method as orders can be placed at any time, day or night, even at the weekend! 

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Opening times

The surgery is open from 8.30am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday.  Please note that there will be a slight change in procedure - We would ask our patients not to call for routine enquiries or to make an appointment after 5.30pm as the receptionist will be unavailable to answer the main telephone as they will be closing down the practice.  If you have a medical emergency and need to contact the surgery between 5.30pm to 6.00pm a recorded message will give you the emergency telephone number to call.  After 6.00pm the recorded message will advise you to call "Out of Hours" by telephoning 111.

We are closed for lunch between 1.00pm and 2.00pm although a doctor is available for patients requiring urgent medical attention. To speak to a doctor please refer to our "Triage System" information above.  We ask that you  leave the patient's details (ie Name, Date of Birth, urgency of the call, contact number and the nature of the call) and the doctor will return your call. If you request to speak to a specific doctor they may not be available to return your call until they are next on duty.

We close for public holidays. Please note the dates near the top of the page and occasionally forstaff training.

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To make an appointment please telephone the surgery between the above times. (excluding lunch hour).  We offer a range of appointments between 8.30am - 5.30pm.  The earlier and later appointments are reserved for patients who work or at school and unable to attend because of these commitments.

As we are employed by NHS Highland we are not able to employ a GP Locum to cover periods of Doctor's annual leave which can result in less routine appointments being available. In order to help our patients make their appointments quickly, with the most appropriate member of staff, receptionists may ask you for some information on the reason for your appointment request, for example a blood test, ear syringing, diabetes review or medical problem. You are not obliged to give this information if it makes you feel uncomfortable but it would be helpful for all involved in you health care to have this information to hand in order to prioritise your call and make the most efficient use of time and clinical skills. You may feel happier discussing this with a different receptionist so please also feel free to request that your call is transferred to another receptionist or manager.

Patients who receive invitation letters for review of their medical condition are advised who to make your appointment with.

Consultation is by appointment only and the practice offers a 15 minute appointment slot.  If you have more that one medical problem to discuss you may be asked to make another appointment.  If you require to be seen urgently, please phone as early as possible and we will endeavour to give you an emergency appointment for that day problems but you may not see the doctor of your choice.  Alternatively you may be asked to speak to a doctor or nurse who will discuss the problem with you and agree what action, if any, should be taken.  Please remember to cancel your appointment if you are unable to attend.

Arriving Late for Appointments

Recently, we are encountering more and more patients that are arriving late for their appointments and are still expecting to be seen by the doctor.  This is unfair on the patients that have arrived on time for their appointment as they are then being delayed.

We have audited the late arrivals and have decided that should a patient arrive late we can no longer promise that you will be seen by the doctor and you may be asked to make another appointment.

Of course should there be a reasonable reason why you are late then we will ask the clinician if they will still see you.



                                                                                DEALING WITH TESTS AND RESULTS- 

How we manage the blood / urine / stool tests we do on you

We have a system of

·       recording every test we do

·       checking for the result of every test

·       a clinician (GP or Nurse) interpreting the result

   if action (e.g. medication change, follow-up test) is needed, we will contact you

if action is not needed, we will not contact you, unless you have agreed differently with the clinician who ordered the test

If you have questions, please contact our Reception for advice.


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Nights, weekends and public holidays - Out of hours care

The practice closes at 6pm. Between 6pm and 8am Monday to Thursday and after 6pm Friday until 8am Monday morning please phone 111 (NHS24, freephone) . The staff at NHS24 will ask you for information about your health and condition and will advise on the most appropriate course of action. This may include offering advice over the phone or advising you to attend a pharmacy. If they feel you need to be seen they will pass your case to Highland Hub who will be in touch to arrange for you to attend the Urgent Care Centre or in some cases provide a home visit.

In the case of a medical emergency, for example a collapsed patient please dial 999 as this is the fastest way to get urgent medical attention.  Please phone 999 and speak to the ambulance service.


You might find it useful to complete this form NHS 24 - patient details form about yourself in case a friend, a family member or a neighbour need to contact NHS 24 on your behalf.

You can contact NHS 24 directly by dialing 111. 


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New patient registration

and New Births

  The registration process takes time so please register as soon as possible preferably before you need an appointment!


We are registering all new patients with the doctor with the shortest list. You are however free to make appointments with any doctor you wish. If you wish to register as a permanent patient (you are staying in our area for longer than 3 months) please print the Patient Registration Form and New Patient Questionnaire for each member of the family.  We need your signature so please hand in the form to us in person.  You may be asked to provide proof of identity or relevant documentation if you have taken up residency in Scotland.  New patients are given a questionnaire which helps us plan your heath care. We also suggest you make a double appointment for a New Patient medical with the practice nurse soon after registering with us so that a brief history of previous illness can be taken and routine checks of blood pressure etc may be made.

Please download the Patient Registration Form or Patients Registration Form.pdf for each member of the family but this will need a signature so please hand this form into reception.

Please download the New Patient questionnaire  as a word or pdf document New Patient questionnaire. 

The completed form can either be posted, handed in or emailed to the surgery.   Top of page


Repeat prescriptions

We are no longer taking requests for medication by telephone as feedback has shown that patients are having problems phoning the surgery in an emergency because the line is constantly engaged.  If you have internet access you could email your request anytime (see link below).  You could use your re-order form or hand write a note which can be deposited in the box beside reception, or you could post your request to the surgery.  Please allow at least 48 hours for your request to be completed.  Please order in plenty of time, do not wait until you have run out of medicines. Your request is processed within 24 hours and the prescription note is sent to the pharmacy.  The Pharmacist then requires 24 hours to dispense your medication which will be ready to collect at the Pharmacy after 3pm.

We now offer an email facility for ordering your medications.

Please note that Electronic transmission of data via our website (i.e. emails to us and using the electronic repeat prescription facility) may not be totally secure.  If you are happy using the internet we would like to take this opportunity to ask you if you have an email address that we could add to your computerised medical records for future use or do you use a mobile phone?   Top of page


Medicine Sick Day Rules


When you are unwell with any of the following:

- Vomiting or diarrhoea (unless only minor)

- Fevers, sweats and shaking

    Then STOP taking the medicines listed below

Restart when you are well (after 24-48 hours of eating and drinking normally)

If you are in any doubt, contact your pharmacist, GP or nurse.


Medicines to stop on sick days -

ACE inhibitors: medicine names ending in "pril" eg, lisinopril, perindopril, ramipril

ARBs: medicine names ending in "sartan" eg, losartan, candesartan, valsartan

NSAIDs - anti-inflammatory pain killers eg, ibuprofen, diclofenac, naproxen

Diuretics - sometimes called "water pills" eg, furosemide, spironolactone, indapamide, bendroflumethiazide

Metformin - a medicine for diabetes


Home visits

Please request home visits before 10.00am, if possible, so that the doctor can prioritise their visits. It is much appreciated if you can attend the surgery if at all possible. House visits are very time consuming, for every patient visited at home, three can be seen in the surgery in the equivalent time. In addition the surgery is a more practical environment to see patients with all the required equipment readily at hand. Please ensure we have the correct address for the patient, the nature of the call as it helps the doctor prioritise the urgency of the call and leave a contact telephone number.  The doctor may wish to telephone you to obtain further information about your symptoms. Top of page


Telephoning the doctor

At times the doctor may be busy and the receptionist will suggest an alternative time to telephone. Interruptions during consultations are upsetting for the patients and doctors. For this reason our staff have been instructed not to disturb consultations with non-urgent telephone calls. To speak to a doctor, please telephone between 1.30pm and 2.00pm.  If you need to speak to a specific doctor, please leave your name and contact number and the doctor will return your call.  If you are using a mobile phone we may ask you for that number.   Top of page


Health care for overseas visitors

The following link has been added to provide information about overseas visitors' health rights. The factsheets tell workers, students, asylum seekers and refugees, former residents, UK passport holders, pensioners living abroad and holidaymakers from overseas about the NHS services they can expect to receive in Scotland.  You will find the full text for the factsheets. You can also download a pdf copy or get the information in a number of formats:  Health care for overseas visitors   Top of page


Travel advice and vaccinations

Please make an appointment with either the Practice Nurse or a doctor. It is helpful if you complete a travel itinerary and questionnaire prior to your appointment as this enables us not only to check what vaccinations are required but also to ensure that they are in stock. Please leave plenty time before your date of travel as some vaccinations take time to provide protection. Sometimes you need several appointments to get all the vaccinations you require. The Fit for Travel website has lots of useful information.

The NHS does not fund all travel vaccinations. You may be asked to pay for the cost of vaccinations such as hepatitis and typhoid, and malaria tablets.

You can download the pre-travel questionnaire as either a Microsoft Word icon Word or Acrobat icon pdf document. The completed form can either be posted, handed in or emailed to the surgery.

Please note that Electronic transmission of data via our website (i.e. emails to us and using the electronic repeat prescription facility) may not be totally secure. Top of page


Dental problems

If you have a dental problem the most appropriate person to contact is your dentist. If you require antibiotics or pain relief a dentist can write a prescription for these.  GPs are not in the best position to deal with dental problems as they are not trained in dentistry nor do they have the appropriate equipment.  The problem will recur unless properly assessed and treated by a dentist.  If you do not have a dentist please telephone the Dental Helpline on 08458332310 for advice on how to register or visit the website  

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The Fit Note – Medical Statement of Fitness for Work

The Fit Note replaced the Sick Note in April 2010 (  This change allows your doctor to advise how your health condition affects your ability to work.

But the following stays the same:

  • For the first 7 days of sickness

Your employer cannot ask you to provide a Fit Note, but may ask you to fill in a self certificate of their own design, or Form SC2 "Employee's Statement of Sickness"

when you have been sick for 4 days or more in a row.

If you are sick for more than 7 days

Your employer can ask you to provide a Fit Note for Statutory Sick Pay (and Benefits) purposes.  The advice on the Fit Note is not binding on employers – it is up to your employer to decide whether or not you are capable of work.

Free professional and confidential support on all health and work issues, including those raised by the Fit Note, is available to you:
Healthy Working Lives Advice Line 0800 019 2211

Patient Information

Click here for some useful websites for patient information .

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Disclaimer: Though we endeavour to make sure that the information provided on this web site is reliable and accurate, Drumnadrochit Medical Practice cannot accept responsibility for any detriment caused by its use. Browsing this web site for medical information, although useful, is not a substitute for consulting with your doctor. Patients should not hesitate to contact us for advice regarding health matters that they are concerned about.